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IN THE PAST DECADE, 3,300 babies have been murdered by abortion while 321 children have been murdered by someone using a semi-automatic rifle. When are we going to ban abortion?


AS A WOMAN, I KNOW I’m no physical match for most attackers; with my revolver, I am. Tell you what: When Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer hand in their carry permits and dismiss their security details, I’ll hand it over.


THE NEW HONDAS that the RCSD motorcycle patrol is using don’t sound like motorcycles. They sound like George Jetson’s jet car!


IF I WERE CONSIDERING moving to the Augusta area, I could simply pick up a copy of The Chronicle and read the Rants & Raves. I would quickly reconsider. After reading only a few entries I could safely assume that Augusta has the dumbest people on the planet. Good lord. People write about things without one second of research. Wow!


TO PARAPHRASE Yosemite Sam, “Augusta commissioners is so stupid.”


OBAMA AND HIS GANG weren’t worried about gun control during “Fast and Furious.” I guess one border patrolman’s life is not worth worrying about.


RAVE TO THE man who is challenging Grovetown for charging him with a firearms violation because he test-fired a BB gun in his back yard. I hope you demand, not ask for, demand a jury trial and don’t leave it up to a judge. You should have asked for a search warrant because a badge does not give anyone a right to be armed and force you into your own house. I hope The Augusta Chronicle would print this, but y’all are on the same side as the Gestapo police so you probably won’t.


A MUCH DESERVED RAVE for Gail and her group at Doctors Hospital MRI facility. She was so kind to me when I was in terrible pain before my MRI. As it turns out I will have spine surgery. I have dealt with her in the past and she remembered me. She is a superb nurse.



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