Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I THINK IT’S GREAT that Russia is stopping the adoption of their orphans. Now maybe Americans can adopt American orphans. What is it about our orphans that no one wants to adopt and just keep on paying taxes to just have them housed as many children without true parents?

OK, CAN WE CONFISCATE or “use” the abandoned properties in the meantime? We can get low-risk parolees to cut the grass and seed it with food seeds and maybe even flower seeds and then help harvest the foods for feeding the poor through Golden Harvest Food Bank.

THE JOBS@FIRST, A NEW jobs ministry at First Baptist Church embodies what true Christianity is all about. This program helps people to prepare for getting a job and includes resumes, interviewing, and job searches. I wish that other churches would show interest in providing avenues of enhancement for their congregations.

EBT CARDS USED AT liquor stores, porn shops, gambling, etc. should be disabled or canceled. The business should be fined and/or lose the business license. This would stop it stone cold. Is our government stupid or what?

TWELVE YEARS AGO WE ended a century that saw various forms of socialism cause the deaths of possibly over 200 million people. Now American socialists are trying with all their might to take our guns away. Learn the lessons of the past.

COLUMBIA COUNTY LAW enforcement, why can’t something be done in Martinez concerning small businesses parking their company trailers on lots and property for the sole purpose of free storage and free advertising?

A RAVE FOR The Augusta Chronicle! My family and I love the History of Today section. I read it out loud every morning and then we discuss it. Even the kids enjoy and learn something.

IN RESPONSE TO THE rant about trash at the Lock & Dam Park, I ride through that park daily and I have not seen these conditions. Did the ranter think to pick up any of this trash that was scattered everywhere? Or just complain about it? After all, it is everyone’s responsibility to help keep our parks neat and clean.

RAVE FOR Home Depot for recycling Christmas trees in their parking lot in Evans and providing free mulch.