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RAVES TO The Augusta Chronicle for the separate Opinion section in the Sunday paper. The first thing I do is pull that section out and throw it away. Makes the rest of the paper a pleasant read.

I SEE THAT OUR “Save the A” signs saved Azziz’s A! What a Grusome ending.

RAVE FOR THE awesome Sam Bush concert at the Imperial Theatre. A rant to the attendees who consistently chatted throughout the entire performance. How rude of Sam Bush to perform over your conversation.

THIS IS ABOUT the SUV from Augusta Regional Airport. The speed limit on Bobby Jones Expressway is 55, 45 in the work zones. Maybe you need to start early so you don’t have to drive 70 mph and get off other drivers’ bumpers.

WHY DO I OWN AN assault weapon? Do I need it to hunt? No. Do I need it for any reason? No. I own it because I am a free man and can, to the lefties, no apologies for being free and having rights.

FREEDOM FROM tyrannical government is the reason for the Second Amendment; that is, so free citizens can stay free by being armed so they can fend off such governments, Therefore, obviously citizens are guaranteed the right to arm themselves.

YOU CAN SEE what can be achieved when people get together. Oxygen Media has canceled plans for the reality show titled All My Babies’ Mamas when a petition calling for its shutdown had collected more than 37,000 signatures. We don’t need this trash on television.

A BIG RAVE FOR Wal-Mart and the plan to hire 100,000 veterans over the next five years. The announcement alone should give a psychological boost to those who are on active duty right now. Let’s hope that other companies will follow their lead.

WHY DOES THE air in Augusta smell so horrible? I have heard various excuses, but none of them can explain the extraordinary stench in Augusta. I grew up in a town with a paper mill, and it never stunk this bad. I imagine this is a major reason why people and businesses do not locate on the south side. No one is going to want to go to a convention in a city that stinks this bad.

WHERE IS “Augusta” in the GRU logo behind the speaker at the forum? If we can’t display “Augusta” in our hometown, where else do we dream it will be used?



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