Rants & Raves



SOMETIMES COPS ARE part of the problem.


A HUGE RAVE FOR MACH Academy. Mentoring youth in the skills which will serve them well as they make their way to becoming contributing citizens is not at all easy. Betty Jones and crew are to be congratulated.


I THINK IT IS A shame anybody would think that Hillary Clinton would plan her injury. Who wants to fall and have a concussion and a blood clot? I hope you ask God to forgive you.


I WISH A NON-CABLE channel can show some of the commission meetings in evening broadcasts. We can use the drama, the comic relief moments, the crying shame moments to get our emotional and mental highs and lows better than from the now extremely few soap operas that only play out in the daytime.


WHO IS MINDING THE store? How can the cost of the Salt Waste Processing Plant at the Savannah River Site go from $440 million to $1.3 billion? They blame design and material problems but who is really accountable for the increased cost – the contractor or DOE?


MARION WILLIAMS JUST wants to be seen on television. Is there any way you can report the news without listening to him?


WILL THE PERSON WHO took my wife’s coat with church keys in it from the store the day after Christmas please return it?


PURPLE DODGE police cars? Really?


OBAMA’S PRESS GUY, Jay Carney, said, “Debt reduction is not a worthy goal.” Now you know. Obama has no intention of reducing the government’s debt, so he plans to continue sucking the taxpayers dry. Then freedom disappears.


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL me why driving in the left lane even when there is no traffic is the norm now? Is this area that confused about the laws of driving in Georgia or do they actually think they are entitled to be able to drive in the left lane? I cannot wait for comments on this.


RANT TO THE two brothers killed when their car hit a tree while running from the police. The responsibility lies with the brothers, not the police officer who was just doing his job. They made a choice to run and it killed them.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 00:24

Rants and raves