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LEAVE THE AUGUSTA GreenJackets where they are. There is nothing wrong with Lake Olmstead Stadium. They don’t belong in North Augusta; they belong in Augusta.


PSYCHOPATHS ARE everywhere. Cowards are everywhere. Such behavior needs to be dealt with before it is too late.


THERE IS ABSOLUTELY no reason at all for that new Liquid Plumber commercial.


I HAVE NEVER BEEN more disgusted with Augusta than I was when I went to the south Augusta tag office. There was a local free racist black newspaper lying all over the counters. This is not the place for such foolishness.


PIERS MORGAN evidently doesn’t know how a guest in our country should act. For one, he doesn’t attack our Constitution. When he goes back to England, the queen should smack him on his bottom.


THE BEST-KEPT secret in North Augusta is the underperforming, outdated schools. Instead of building a baseball stadium, they should update the schools and hire better teachers and administrators.


RAVES TO SYLVIA Cooper’s Jan. 13 column. Yes, attack with all facts on Sheriff Richard Roundtree. But let’s see what all he really does, especially with the money supposedly for charities and subsidizing next year’s charity gala. Let’s see the money counts.


RANT FOR THE rude sales associates. Not feeling like spending my hard-earned money in a store where rudeness is the norm. Maybe some people don’t need to work with the public.


THIS IS A RANT against pop-top cans used for dog food, soups and other foodstuff. They cause a massive waste, since it’s impossible to get it all out like the old-fashioned cans. Imagine all the sacrifice of animals, vegetables, labor, energy and value for people too lazy to use can openers. The food companies should at least make the bottom of these cans accessible by can openers.


I AM A SOUTHERN, white woman, and I would vote for Walter Williams if he chose to run for president. More of our politicians should listen to him and live by his words.


OBAMA SAYS HE’S going to put the full weight of his office behind a gun ban. Isn’t that what bullies do: Throw their weight around?


DEMOCRATS ARE LIKE toddlers. They know if they pout, whine, and fuss long enough the Republicans will cave in. There is now no limit to what the current oppressive regime will foist upon the American people.


I JUST RECEIVED MY paycheck and it’s $40 less because Social Security taxes went up. That’s $80 more a month than what I was already paying into a program that I will never benefit from. People are getting Social Security now who have never worked or paid into it. Thanks to Congress and Obama, the working class will never get ahead!


AL GORE SELLS HIS failing, liberal TV network to, whom else, Al Jazeera. The left doesn’t even try to appear patriotic. Why do they unfailingly support our most hated enemies?



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