Rants & Raves

IF NORTH AUGUSTA leaders persist on the baseball stadium, I believe a vote will occur regarding the $43 million-plus debt. Should this occur, I feel the vote should only be for actual property owners. After all, the burden will fall on the shoulders of property owners should this venture fail. They will be left holding the bag.



A RANTER SAYS our “most pressing issue is racism.” Alas, yes, the racism exhibited by Obama and his pals; and it shows up in the very areas mentioned by that ranter, namely poverty, class warfare and the economy.


THE DEMOCRAT mantra is: “I will gladly give you a spending cut tomorrow for a tax hike today!” The Republicans are playing along and America is the nation of Wimpy!


GOTTA LOVE THOSE wonderful role models in Hollywood. They have the gall to demand that the “rich” pay their “fair share” while they lobby for and receive the extension of their own tax breaks and incentives. No wonder they set new box office records again.


WHO IS THE biggest enemy of the United States? Washington, D.C. Yep! Our elected leaders are killing us.


PAINE COLLEGE OPENS a new HEAL complex, $8.6 million worth of spending by a college that has shown it keeps its books as well as the federal government keeps its book.


RANT TO THE WRITER criticizing the religious articles/letters in your paper. RAVE to you for these printings and especially the prayers. Sure beats news of those churches in the Chicago area approving same-sex unions. What Bible do they read?


AUGUSTA-AREA Republicans, don’t vote for Nathan Deal 2014. It would be better to have a Democrat governor and save MCG in Augusta.


THIS IS A RANT to the people complaining about stinky and pesky cats and dogs. Let me remind you that they are God’s creatures just like you are and the only reason they might be stinky or pesky is because of their owners (Yes, I mean people) who have them and don’t take care of them! You would be stinky and pesky if you were not able to take care of yourself, too!


MY CONCEALED WEAPON is like an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). I never want to use it, but I never want to be in a situation where I need it, and don’t have it.



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Rants and raves