Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



IF THE AUGUSTA Recycling Plant is making so much money, shouldn’t they be paying me for my recyclables and my efforts to recycle every week?


THE MAKERS OF violent video games and the gun cultural of Hollywood should share some of the blame in regards to gun violence.


BUCKETS FULL OF RAVES for Pat VanHooser’s article in the Sunday paper. Should be a “must read” for everyone. Thank you, thank you!


THIS IS A RANT for the people who believe guns kill. I saw a shotgun running down the street chasing a drug dealer to kill him. What do you think of that? That’s like saying a toaster kills, too!


A BIG RANT TO gun owners that use cars to compare the fatalities caused by both of them! Cars were invented for the necessity to transport while guns were invented for the necessity to defend or attack by causing injury or death to the opponent. Nothing wrong with that!!! But you are comparing orange to apples. How about defending the fact that is a right the Constitution gave to the citizens!


PRESIDENT OBAMA said he cut spending by over $1 trillion dollars in 2012. The Office of Management and Budget said spending increased by over $147 billion dollars. Why can’t our president simply tell the truth?


THE SERVICE IN Columbia County businesses and stores is terrible. They act like they are doing you a favor selling you stuff.


EVEN MOST PRO-2ND Amendment people make the wrong argument for being pro weapons. And that is that the founders knew the only way to keep a government honest is to make the government fear the citizens, and not the other way around. Now, the government fears us not one bit. Those arrogant, illegitimate mongrels even assume THEY OWN all our income and now they’re playing games deciding how much of OUR money THEY’LL allow us to keep.


NOW GEORGIA politicians want to spend our tax money on bear tunnels, to save bears. Naturally, how many dollars spent is not mentioned. Bears can take care of themselves. But watch 21st century politicians waste our money. After this they’ll invent deer tunnels, and then fox tunnels. Who knows? Ant tunnels.