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SOMEONE STOLE my newspaper from my front porch. I called to complain and your carrier came right out with another paper. I really appreciate it.


NOTHING IS COMING across that river with the name Augusta Greenjackets on it. And 900 parking places for a 5,000-seat stadium is insane with a two-lane road the only way in and out.


THE STATE OF Georgia is at “risk of losing $30 million in federal highway funding.” Will state politicians ever learn that each dollar they accept from Washington lowers the sovereignty of the states? The feds have become dictators and state politicians continue to think the feds are superior. If Georgia pols want to spend $30 million on highways, they must cut spending somewhere else. Of course, no career politician can learn such obvious common sense.


THE ATHENS SCHOOL (carefully called a “health science campus”) that would never take away the Augusta Medical College of Georgia is “taking shape” in Athens. Of course, with typical politicians’ confusing lingo, the medical students seem to be called “Medical Partnership” students. Have we passed the point where there is even one elected official left who will tell the truth?


WHY DO STUPID people do stupid things? President Putin has signed into law the banning of Americans from adopting Russian children, which means that thousands of orphans will end up living a life of misery without any hope of a bright future. What a disgrace!


I HAVE ALWAYS thought that man’s best friend was the dog but not so according to South African President Jacob Zuma. He also maintains that owning a pet is part of white culture! You would think that by now there should not be any place in society for thinking like that?


MORE PEOPLE SHOT and killed in Augusta. It’s sad to contemplate, but has anybody checked to see how many of the killers and victims were on welfare, food stamps, etc.?


A RAVE TO THOSE lawmakers advocating restrictions on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. These weapons have absolutely no justifiable civilian use.


I DISAGREE with the person who said the whites are overlooked; there are just as many whites receiving assistance as blacks. Check out DFACS.



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