Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


AS A FORMER employee of Dr. Wayne Frazier, I think he should have been let go years ago for the way he talks to his faculty and his students.

GROVETOWN COP Chief Gary Owens overstretches in equating a BB gun in Georgia with the insane shooting of 26 people in Sandy Hook, Conn.

THERE NEEDS TO BE an investigation. Sheriff Richard Roundtree has been in office for less than a month, and he is already demoting or reassigning those people who were in authority over him when he was in the department before.

PRESIDENT OBAMA will try to change the law so that he can run for a third term. Remember, you read it here.

WHEN THERE IS A change in names, it should be the voter’s choice, not Georgia Re­gents University Presi­dent Ricardo Azziz’s. If he wants to run the city, why doesn’t he run for mayor? He is like a dictator. Get rid of him. Don’t be such a fool.

SO, BB GUNS won’t hurt you? As a 9-year-old, my friend was shot playing in his own yard by a boy playing in the street. My friend is now an adult. He has gone from poor vision to blindness and finally the removal of the eyeball. Tell me they don’t hurt.

RAVES TO MR. Charlie Burley (Pete.) He is so kind and caring to other people. Raves to him and his family. He is a wonderful man right here in Harlem.

A RANT ABOUT PEOPLE who were raised on spending other people’s money, never learning to live within their own means, never learning about how to use a budget for income and expenses, relying on handouts like food stamps, unemployment, welfare, housing subsidies – believing that they are entitled to them. … These people are the ones running the “business” of our county, our state and our country. No wonder we are broke.

A RANT TO THE WOMAN in the car repair shop waiting room who kept yelling at the Fox News program on the television about the lies they were making about President Obama. You loudly proclaimed that he had to fix 16 years of Bush failed policies. Really? 16 years? Bush I had four and then followed by eight years of Clinton sex and lies. Bush II had to deal with terrorists and Nancy Pelosi. You kept saying the rich needed to pay more taxes. Your mouth told me you had a government job. When are you going to pay?