Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



NOW IT’S POSSIBLE TO “download a gun design to your computer … build it with a printer, and fire it minutes later.” This sounds absurd, but if it’s not, what’s to stop somebody from downloading the design and building an atomic bomb the same way?


TO THE PERSON wondering about single mothers: There are so many because it’s so much easier to flee your girlfriend than it is to support a child.


BOY, PEOPLE WHO WANT to raise an uproar in this day and age against a Union man who had confiscated Confederate territory to make it a national cemetery for war vets. The Civil War is long over. Slavery was abolished. No one got to pull land out of the U.S. possession. Get over it.


SOCIAL SECURITY AND Medi­care are not entitlements when we are forced to pay into it for our future. But welfare and extended weeks and months of unemployment should not be considered entitlements and should not be given any more. Strike those costs off, tax all the wealthy who make half a million dollars on up and get us off the fiscal cliff.


I AM APPALLED with the bus situation I witnessed when I visited your town. There is only the barest coverage of some areas, and most buses ended by 7 p.m. The bus riders seemed to have no sense of courtesy with the way they stride two to three seats across with legs and grocery bags and coats so people forced to stand up in the aisles. Thank goodness I’m back to a civilized service here in Atlanta. Our buses run 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. We run more than one bus every 80 minutes, and trains. Most riders mainly sit in one seat. Gentlemen offer seats to women, young and older ones. One improvement made since my last visit early this year was that the drivers were all courteous and proper this visit.


A RANTER SUGGESTS we outlaw cars if we’re going to outlaw guns. Maybe the shortest way to a common sense solution is to outlaw politicians.


WHY IS IT GOOD TO use a gun to protect our president, but bad to use a gun to protect our children?


RAVES TO KROGER FOR doing its part to help the poor. They donate so many shopping carts to the ghetto.