Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A NEW STOP LIGHT was put into service at the intersection of Doug Barnard Parkway and Georgia Highway 56.

Unfortunately, this light came too late because there have been several vehicle accidents and fatalities at this location.

The same was true at Goshen Road and Highway 56 years ago. There have been deaths and several accidents at Bennocks Mill Road and Highway 56 and at Brown Road and Highway 56. Will others have to lose their lives before stop lights are installed there, too? Let’s be proactive and put up lights now.


FROM WHAT I READ in The Chronicle, a number of churches in the area are approaching mega status. Since they have such a large amount of money for more buildings, I think it is time to tax the daylights out of them. Put the money toward teachers and law enforcement.


ALL OF THE WELFARE programs should be put on the table. To make sure that race is not a factor, it should be known that the majority of welfare recipients are white (70 percent).

Proportion does not matter when we are talking about total dollars, so the facts do matter here. Other welfare programs include, but are not limited to, Social Security, grant programs and business loans.


I AM STILL WAITING ON Ted Nugent and all of the others who promised to leave these United States if the president were re-elected to honor their words. Please leave and don’t look back: This includes all of the locals who promised to do the same. Bye!


IT IS GOOD TO have the crime chart to look at. It would be great if they filled in information regarding each location.


KUDOS TO Marietta Conner (Momma Doc) for what she is doing for the Olmstead Homes community. She instills in the children discipline and responsibility and gave out bikes and a meal to those who were following her rules.

She is an inspiration to all of us.


RANT TO DRIVERS who don’t know how to make a left-hand turn. It should be a 90-degree angle, not a 45 where you cut into my lane and almost hit me.


RANT TO THE Columbia County Library. Kids running around screaming, desk clerks loudly talking. It’s like a zoo! Doesn’t anybody tell people to be quiet? It’s a library.


YOUR SUNDAY OPINION section resembled a bulletin from some church. It’s bad enough that on Sundays the radio and TV is loaded down with religious programming. Please keep the Chronicle focused on real issues.