Rants & Raves

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HOORAY FOR former ASU basketball star Garret Siler for helping out his town’s needy.

RANT TO THE OFFICER directing traffic at 5 a.m. on Walden Drive by a downed line. He pulled me and others over for not following his traffic directing. We can’t follow your direction if you are not visible. Dark pants plus dark jacket plus no street light power equal we can’t see you in the middle of the road. A reflective vest, and some flares by the downed line would have saved us all some hassle, and kept you safer.

HOW CAN SOMEONE claim it was any particular religious attack for 9/11. You cannot judge terrorists by religion.

LET’S SEE AN ACCURATE, impartial accounting for the so-called gala ball for the inauguration of Sheriff Roundtree. Who’s footing the money for the expenses ordered of food and any liquids? Then where will the money go if really to charity?

THEY WANT TO WASTE more tax money on buying a “health hazard” building (the former chamber of commerce) and renovating it so the region’s development can have a “combined presence.” Did you ever hear such nonsense?

RAVE TO ‘LIGHTS of the South.’ Santa is the best ever.

I WONDER HOW MANY people waiting in line for the $180 Air Jordans are also on the welfare rolls?

DON’T HIRE POLICE to guard the schools. There are many teachers and superintendents who could do the job. It would only take about three for each school to stop anybody. Nobody needs to know who they are and this would make it safer. Give them a free gun permit, maybe a gun and free bullets to practice. I bet there would be several volunteers.

I PROPOSE THAT all the Democratic and Republican politicians in our government join hands and with a rousing chorus of Kumbaya jump off a real cliff. Hallelujah!

WHOEVER SAID THAT there is a failed leadership problem in Washington was right. Speaker John Boehner couldn’t lead the failed Republican Party north with a digital compass. In fact, I have renounced all of my Republican affiliations: I am now a proud Independent.

SO HEARTWARMING to see a majority of the retail stores closed on Christmas Day.



Sat, 12/09/2017 - 23:24

Augusta arena fight not over yet