Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


SO NICE TO KNOW THAT a deal has been reached for management of the Patch. That course brings back some fond memories. I think it should be called by its original name, “Cabbage Patch,” though. There was once a vegetable garden across from the clubhouse, hence the name. Played my very first round of golf there and shot the astounding score of 72 over par. Finally shot my age at 79. Hope they soften the greens more.

WE NEED TO CONTROL subways, flammable fluids, matches, knives, axes, hammers, vehicles and any other devices that might be used by nutcases to kill people. No, wait! Let’s rebel against the liberal Democrats and the Amer­ican Psychiatric Asso­cia­tion and lock dangerous crazy people away.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE crass commercialization of the media making two full days of programs on the Connecticut disaster? They even said that Hollywood is supporting Connecticut. How? By making more violent movies? They knew they could command a big audience with these programs. Shameful! And shameful of the media in general.

RANT TO THE CORPS of Engineers. Why is it that Lake Russell is only down three feet when Thur­mond Lake is down 15 feet? It seems there is a little unfairness going on here.

IF THE COMMISSION wants to save some money, they need to pay the city workers half their salary for doing half a job. I go up River Watch every day and the grass looks half done. It is a shame.

WHY SPEND $300,000 on a study of traffic roundabouts when you have traffic engineers working for the county and making $100,000 plus a year? Did they get their degrees over the Internet or do they just not know how to do it?

WE ONCE HAD A Har­dee’s on Peach Or­chard Road and it did great business. We need it back.

IT IS NOT STUPID people who are ruining America; it is politicians who are ruining America.

RAVE TO THE PERSON who found the red snowman purse in the shopping cart at Home Depot on Bobby Jones Dec. 26. Thank you so very, very much. You saved an old lady from having to go through a lot of heartache and red tape from doing such a foolish thing of leaving it there.