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WHY DOESN’T AUGUSTA offer New Year’s Eve fireworks? I really want to see fireworks for New Year’s Eve, and I have to travel to Savannah or Atlanta.

REGARDING THE WOMAN who wanted her gun destroyed and had to get the sheriff’s office to come get it, she should also get rid of her ax, hammer, scissors, steak knives, cars and ball bats. Any of these things can kill if a nut case is wielding them. There are also several people who steal for a living who would love to know her home address is unprotected.

I THINK THE RESIDENTS of North Augusta should thank and maybe even have a ceremony to honor of the residents of Richmond County for electing commissioners who do not have the ability to do long-range thinking. They can’t even learn from past mistakes or events. They are so busy fighting each other trying to maintain their ego and self-centered agenda that their actions end up advancing the economy and development of surrounding cities and communities.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the kind, honest man who found my cellphone in Bath & Body Works at Augusta Mall. Thank you very much for taking the time to look in the phone, retrieve my home number and call my husband to let him know where I dropped it. Meanwhile, I was frantically running from place to place trying to find it. You saved me a lot of trouble, and may God bless you and your family.

THOUGH I AM GLAD TO see an outside company will be managing The Patch, I find it amazing that any company would actually want to do business with Augusta’s dysfunctional government.

ON CHRISTMAS EVE, Israeli President Shimon Peres offered Christmas greetings during a visit to the residence of the Archbishop Elias Chacour in Haifa, where he sang Christmas songs with a children’s choir. On Christmas Day, the Israeli Defense Force sent Christmas greetings to their Christian friends. While the president of the nation with the largest Christian population on the face of the earth lit an insipid holiday tree, sang innocuous holiday songs, and sent out a politically correct holiday card with his dog on the cover. Sad; truly sad.

BIG RAVE AND THANK you to the person who found my purse at Fresh Market. God love you; you made my day!



Thu, 12/14/2017 - 22:28

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