Rants & Raves

THE SALVATION ARMY IS begging for money while at the same time paying for multimillion-dollar “centers” that include theaters, swimming pools and other entertainment. If the Salvation Army would go back to its original reason for being, to help the down-and-out both spiritually and with a place to sleep, they would get plenty of donations.



OBAMA PRETENDS to believe in the Con­sti­tu­tion while constantly skirting it; he pretends to be a Christian while forcing Christians to pay him money so he can have unborn babies murdered. How can he be either a Christian or a follower of the U.S. Constitution? Let him answer that!


I DROVE BY TWO Rich­mond County schools Dec. 27, and both had the school zone lights flashing. When you leave the lights flashing through the holidays, you endanger our children by teaching the drivers to ignore the school zones.


THIS IS A RAVE to the people at Smitty’s Auto­motive on Gordon Highway. After my car broke down the day after Christmas, they repaired it fast and got us back on the road. Their customer service is wonderful. After finding another problem, they helped us with the labor. Thank you so much.


OBAMA IS A FAILURE AS president. I was doing better under President Bush – heck, I was even doing better under Slick Willie!


I SPEND approximately $120-plus a month on gas. I used my debit card; because of knee pain, I didn’t want to walk in and pay cash today. Then “see cashier for receipt.” They say, “We don’t know the machine is out of paper unless someone tells us.” So you have told them and they think it is funny. That cashier didn’t just lose another $45 plus a week sale; she lost over a $1,500-a-year sale on my car, not counting the money for my husband’s truck and two children’s cars. How much more business will this clerk cost you? It made me mad. The next gas station is 500 yards up the road.


I COMMITTED A CRIME of theft by taking 17 years ago, and now no one will hire me even though I have 17 years in restaurant management. I am truly sorry and have learned my lesson. Will someone please hire me? I’m sincerely asking for a second chance.


IF GUNS KILL PEOPLE, and cars kill people, shouldn’t we ban the fork for feeding us food that will kill us?



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 11:18

Aiken man killed in traffic accident