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HOW NICE TO READ about Eli Herrera in the paper of my hometown online. He reminds me of my father and his lessons to us. My father also worked long hours every single day of the week to provide for us two kids in the family. We also provided for some other poor cousins of the family as well, and I learned to work long hours myself to provide for me and others. (I chose not to bring kids into the world but help other starving and otherwise neglected children already in the world.) If more people could work at providing for their own direct and indirect relatives, we would not have so many people depending on these generous organizations.


I SALUTE U.S. REP John Barrow for his inclusive happy holidays greetings. A rant to the ranter who wanted to insist on Christmas to be spelled out every single greeting of this season. Every single religion in this free country, from Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, and nonreligion of atheism and others, happy holidays!


A HUGE RAVE TO ALL the bell ringers for the Salvation Army at Christmas and especially to the three ringers who participated in the battle of the bell ringers! You are special folks and I hope you have a wonderful new year!


SWITZERLAND: 33 million citizens, 15 million fully automatic machine guns. Average number of annual deaths involving firearms? Four. It ain’t the guns, friends.


THE AUGUSTA YDC HAS proved to be a gross example of the incompetence of modern governments to get anything right. Much tax money has been wasted, incompetents have been hired and people have died. Much cheaper and proved effective would be to use chain gangs. They were so rough those prisoners, once freed, would go to any lengths – even that of being law-abiding – to avoid being put back on a chain gang.


MILLIONAIRE GEORGE Bush Sr. is still on the public dole, namely now that he’s sick he is using tax paid U.S. Marines as servants. Who ever thought of giving politicians retirement benefits? Terrible idea. If the world lasts that long, President Obama will be flying to Hawaii for the next 40 years on our dime.


A RANTER IS HAPPY that Obama is president because Obama won’t “get us into another war.” If the ranter would pay attention, he’d see Obama is already setting us up to join the latest Middle East war (Syria), via NATO.



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Rants and raves

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