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IT LOOKS AS though we might need to start a Save the NA campaign. If I have anything to say about it, and I hope I do, nothing is going to come across that river that says Augusta GreenJackets on it. It can be North Augusta GreenJackets or even better North Augusta YellowJackets. They get to pick the insect; we get to pick the color, but Augusta is not coming across that river.

‘AUGUSTA CHRONICLE,’ please don’t take Argyle Sweater out of the comics. I absolutely love that comic strip.

RAVE FOR WEST ACRES for the production of It’s a Wonderful Life. You did an awesome job. It was very professional. God bless you all.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Augusta Chronicle, for having this column and for printing all the things I sent in last year.

THE NEW COMPLEX IN North Augusta is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It is all or nothing from the stadium folks’ viewpoint, but the hotel, the conference center and the parking garage can be built all by itself as a standalone project. They do not depend on the stadium. From one direction, it is all or nothing; from the other direction, North Augusta can have a very nice hotel/conference center without that blasted GreenJackets stadium.

CATS ARE NOT DIRTY. They cover up their poop and nobody steps in it. Dogs are out in the road causing wrecks; they bark all the time; they poop everywhere for you to step in. Cats don’t bother anything. They go about their business. They don’t hang around.

TELL ME IT’S A JOKE. North Augusta is going to build all of that down on the river. I lived in the same house for more than 30 years, eight houses down from North Augusta Middle School and we couldn’t get North Augusta or Aiken County to come pave our roads.

THE AUGUSTA Commission has come to its senses at last by not approving the spending of $991,501 to get the pedestrian bridge across Reynolds Street started. Why not just put a crosswalk?

THE STATE DEPARTMENT is seeking $1.4 billion in the budget for next year for increased security at embassies and consulates. How about drastically reducing that budget by eliminating those facilities in the countries that don’t really want us there in the first place?



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