Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



PASS ALL THE GUN LAWS you want. Nothing will change until communities are allowed to get the violently inclined psychos off the streets before they commit mass murder. Crazies that brought us the VA Tech, Aurora Theater and Sandy Hook slaughters were known to be dangerous. Yet they were allowed to remain free. Laws must be changed to protect normal people!


LOOK AT THE wonderful sports complex North Augusta is proposing. If we could get rid of those Democrats on our own city commission, maybe we could get some things accomplished.


GENERAL MOTORS HAS made $16 billion in profits over the last three years, however, we the taxpayers have already lost over $1 billion because of the bailout and it is expected that we will lose billions more. Obama forgot to mention that when he was out campaigning!


THE AUGUSTA Commission dropped the ball again. As a result of our commissioners’ inability to work together and move the city forward, Augusta citizens will be able to watch the continued growth of the riverfront in North Augusta from our riverfront that has not moved forward since the 1980s. Get it together, Augusta commissioners!


ANOTHER RANT FOR the North Augusta HEAT car in the median of the Bobby Jones expressway on Dec. 19. I know you are just trying to get in one more ticket for these nice families before Christmas as if they aren’t cash-strapped enough. It is law enforcement of this type that disgusts me. But, hey, I made sure and flashed my lights at all the eastbound traffic. I hope it prevented you from writing any more tickets for the next few minutes.


RANT FOR RICHMOND County’s Sheriff’s Office. You talk about starting to enforce the law, but I followed a Richmond County deputy from Tobacco Road all the way to the VA. He didn’t use a turn signal once. He was speeding. If you are not going obey the law, how do you expect to enforce the law?