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JUST WONDER IF John Barrow would run that gun ad now?


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Valdosta State Blazers for winning the Division II national championship. It was a great example of the football that is played in Georgia and the Southeast. High school athletes and parents would do well to take a look at VSU when looking for a school that has a good rep in sports and academics.


RAVE TO SCOTT MICHAUX for his column. The Chronicle’s editorial writers should be so good!


TO ALL THE RANTS about Obama. Deal with it. He won again so get back in check.


I REALLY APPRECIATE THE fact Georgia Southern finally got some coverage from your paper. It was wonderful to have information about them all week. Thank you.


I AM AMAZED THAT the public is shocked by murder in the schools. What do they expect when they remove “thou shall not murder” from schools? We get what we ask for.


I WAS WRONG TO SUGGEST Big Bird for president. I should have suggested Alfred E. Newman because that is who they elected.


I WANT TO THANK ALL Augusta Fire Department members for the fruit basket and gift certificate that they give to the widow ladies every year. May God bless you and keep you safe.


THE PERSON WHO THREW OUT the small, tan Chihuahua on Bettis Academy Road did him a favor since the person behind him worked at the Aiken County shelter. They found him a great, loving home. Your bad deed worked for good in the end.


THOSE IN CONGRESS WHO are now looking at gun control are the same fools who signed a 2,300-page health care bill into law without reading it.


LOVE THAT Argyle Sweater cartoon in the paper. Look forward to reading it every day.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:44

Rants and raves