Rants & Raves

FOR DR. JAMES CARROLL to return to a maniacal society like Kuwait shows the doctor is a very brave man.


HILARY CLINTON had a stomach virus and suffered a concussion days before she was to testify in congressional hearings and before the House Foreign Affairs Committee to explain what she knew about the Benghazi affair. Very convenient. Mighty suspicious to say the least!

GOOD FOR EARL DRIGGERS in finding the “baddest dog” in town so that he can use it to protect his property. OK it’s up to you Jazzmine to take a big bite out of the bad guys’ rear ends when they show up!

GLAD THERE ARE OTHERS who disapprove of all those tacky homemade signs to advertise businesses, religions, etc. Since this robs newspapers of a way to be funded by ads, The Chronicle should hold the law to the letter of it and force a takedown of the signs, plus fines and charges on those companies.

IF YOU DADBLAMED Republicans keep labeling my Social Security payments as “entitlements” for my future, then you’d better refund every single penny to me and get us all out of the system. But you cannot just force me by law to pay into the system and then steal my money!

ARE WE SURPRISED at the Connecticut shootings? Look at the video games your children are playing. Look at the previews of upcoming movies! Our politicians preach division, hate and “revenge.” Church and God are being pushed out of our “me” society.

PRAYERS AND sympathy to the citizens of Newtown. Heaven has 20 new angels. Hell has one new stoker for the fire.

IS HILLARY’S FAINTING AND concussion that keeps her from testifying to Congress for real? It certainly is terribly coincidental.

THE TRAGEDY IN Connecticut already has sinister and treacherous politicians hinting at gun control. They claim it’s to protect Americans, but it’s obviously to disarm Americans so we will lose all our freedoms to a maniacal central government.

RAVES TO GRACE UNITED Methodist Church, North Augusta, for the “Return to Bethlehem” experience.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, when the liberals start talking about gun control, they are not talking about limiting who can purchase what. They are talking about eliminating the right to have a gun, period.