Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


THE LOCK AND DAM PARK looks bad. Trash all on the ground; trashcans running over; bathrooms in a mess. I called Richmond County recreation and they tell me they have a park caretaker. I guess that is where our tax dollars go.

I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN and experienced the joy of having a dog around for companionship but the newspaper’s articles on therapy dogs shone a new light on other benefits of dogs. One article showed the value of dogs in reducing stress of exam-bound students at ASU the other showed where dogs are being used to enhance the reading skills of elementary school kids. Man’s best friend for sure!

IT’S TIME WE HAVE armed personnel in all public schools.

THE US WILL SEND 400 soldiers to Turkey to shoot at the Syrians. Four-hundred doesn’t sound like much, but that’s always the way our lousy politicians lead us into new wars.

NOW POLITICIANS ARE upset about not enough “diversity” in Obama’s cabinet. If “diversity” solved problems, we should be led by groups that include insane people and criminals. Oops! Maybe we already are.

I AM AMAZED HOW many people are concerned with the problems – moral and civil issues – in other countries. We should focus on the MOST pressing issue in America. It is not poverty, class warfare, or the economy. Stated plainly, it is racism.

THIS IS A BIG thankful rave for the guys at Taco Bell on Wrightsboro Road for helping my daughter and me when our car cut off in the drive-thru and getting the car started for us and back on the road. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

COMMISSIONER BRIGHAM says Richmond “officials are stymied by the complexities involved” with the current property tax system. The “revenue neutral” part sounds OK; but listen, Mr. Commissioner! Your job is to fix the problem, thus SIMPLIFY the tax code. If y’all can’t, resign your jobs immediately.

DRIVERS WITH pets in their laps or on the steering wheel are just as much a DANGEROUS road hazard as someone DUI, texting or without a seat belt. They think their pets are children or family; so they should be in a cage on the back seat while the vehicle is moving. Some legislation should be enacted to prevent any more loss of lives.



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Rants and raves