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RAVE FOR THE big, nice Christmas tree at Whit­aker Electric in Harlem. It is very pretty and I have enjoyed it very much. I hope they will put it up every year.


I WONDER IF THE voting fraud would have been found if it were something other than a white man running against a black man for a district commission seat.


DOWNTOWN AUGUSTA looks great with all of the holiday lights. Reynolds Street is especially beautiful. Thank you, Augusta, for bringing Christmas cheer.


RAVES TO CANDACE at Chick-fil-A in North Augusta for preparing a special party tray for a family Christmas fellowship. Raves to the manager for the respectful employees all season.


A LADY FOUND MY son’s wallet. It flew off the back of his truck. She returned it and everything was in it. We’d like everybody to know that there are some honest people in the Augusta area. The Dew family would like to thank the lady.


PEOPLE LIKE ME who voted against Obama are not racist because most of them, like me, would have voted for Allen West or Herman Cain and this country would be better off.


THE WHITE HOUSE IS saying the “fiscal cliff” issue would be over if the Republicans would compromise on tax increases. They are actually saying Re­pub­licans should abandon their desire to protect Americans so the Democrats can get their way.


EVERYONE SEEMS TO have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.


I HAVE NOT TRIED for a driver’s license in many years because I became legally blind. So for the photo ID, do people have to show proof of address? If so, then how did those people who showed photo ID get to list vacant lots for their addresses?


CONTRACEPTIVES SHOULD BE considered a necessity, not an entitlement. Imagine how much more in costs for unwanted and unexpected children. Or the number of tortures and murders of such children than what has gone on already.


THANK GOODNESS, Obama was re-elected. Otherwise we would have been dumped into yet another war with more millionaires raising ridiculous costs through their companies.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves