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BART ERHAMAN, in the final edition of Newsweek, which will come out this month, addresses several Christmas legends (some of which really are just legends) and challenges the veracity and validity of the New Testament. At the end of January, New Testaments will still be in print.


IT’S FUNNY HOW Chris­ti­an­ity can be mocked and ridiculed without reprisals. However, this country lives in fear of radical Islam, and it’s almost a crime to speak out against Islam or the prophet. In the land of the free and home of the brave, only Christians are not tolerated.


REP. JOHN BARROW’S “holiday” letter nowhere mentions Jesus or even the word “Christmas.” He does brag that he’s helped constituents “navigate the maze of the federal government”; but he carefully omits that a lot of that maze – and expense – became a maze on Barrow’s watch.


AUGUSTA YOUTH Development Campus keeps hiring and then firing new leaders, but the chaos continues. Clearly, the inmates have taken over the lunatic asylum.


ONE HOUR OF church on Sunday cannot balance two hours per day, five days a week of talk radio hate.


RAVE FOR GREG, one of our most valued members at CSRA Happy Tails Rescue. On his own time and out of his own kind heart, Greg has decorated our dog housing buildings with beautiful Christmas lights. Thank you, Greg!


IF WE CONSIDER outlawing guns, shouldn’t we outlaw cars, too?


NORTH AUGUSTA’S mayor says a new ball stadium there will “pay for itself.” How does he know?


ARE PEOPLE STILL not aware that the North had the righteous side in the Civil War? I thought it would have been a moot point by now.


RAVE FOR THE sweet lady working at the Circle K right off the interstate in North Augusta on Dec. 21 around 2:30 a.m. I came in and bought nachos when the machine went down. You were very sweet and made my night. Thank you!


I HEAR ABOUT it happening all the time, and for the first time I experienced it. Thank you to the wonderful lady at Starbucks on Robert C. Daniel Parkway. You paid for my coffee, and I will definitely pass it on. What a joyous feeling!



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Rants and raves

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