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GLYNN MOORE’S Dec. 17 column in The Augusta Chronicle expressed what I have felt for many years. I wish we could return Christmas to what it once was and what it is supposed to be. We could if more people got behind the movement.

I LOST A BORROWED $400 camera at the dollar store. They found it and turned it over to the Columbia County police. Deputy Fuller took the time to check the pictures and found one of my license plate taken after a bumper mishap in the Kroger parking lot. He took time to deliver it to me, saving not only money but photos that could never be replaced and a friendship that had some cracks in it from my carelessness. How good is God and humanity to go from an accident, to a lost possession and a hurt relationship, to an honest store, to a dedicated professional and back to me!

WHAT A WONDERFUL story about the dogs relieving the exam stress of students at ASU. There is no doubt that dogs provide therapy, and their presence provides a lot of joy. Kudos to Therapy Dogs Inc.!

RAVES TO THE Augusta Figure Skating Club for its Christmas Performance. The skating performances were absolutely beautiful and touching. What an extraordinary group of skaters. How awesome that Augusta has this facility and the opportunities that it provides for those wanting to learn to figure skate.

ALL THE CHRISTMAS decorations in our town are so beautiful, but I really would like to thank the people who have all the lights on Warren Road. Your house is awesome, and the Christmas lights are just beautiful.

“PEACE ON EARTH, goodwill to men” was truly shown at Master Buick on Washington Road on Dec. 10. The service manager was very helpful and, when I went to pay my bill, a generous person had already paid 25 percent of it.

RAVES TO AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL for the treat of the season. Your production of Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus brought much joy. The Santa Claus costumes were so very beautiful and unique, and the acting and singing were great. To the cast and director – thank you and may God continue to bless your talents.



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Rants and raves

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