Rants & Raves

WHAT IS A THINK TANK? Where does one find the door?


FORTY NONPROFITS received money from the Community Foundation. Do we really need 40 (or more) nonprofits operating in our little pond of a town? If four or five large nonprofits were to operate, they could get more done in less time.

AM I THE ONLY ONE who noticed on the front page of The Chronicle that the University Hospital physician’s assistant while touching and examining the patient did not have on protective gloves?

PLEASE BRING Hardee’s to south Augusta. I love Har­dee’s, but I have to drive all the way to Evans.

I AGREE ABOUT OUR health care. I had an ambulance take me to the hospital, which is about a two-minute ride, and it cost me $600. I am 88 years old, and I had to pay that after insurance and Medicare paid. It definitely needs an overhaul.

DISTRICT 6 HAS BEEN greatly neglected by Com­mis­sioner Joe Jack­son. Be assured that the residents will never support anything being named in his honor.

IF THE COMMISSIONERS want to raise taxes on something, why don’t they leave the gas tax alone and raise taxes on the whiskey and drugs?

CODE ENFORCEMENT is slack in Augusta. By slack, I mean there is none. Just look around you. Cardboard signs all over the place, overgrown yards, old cars littering yards. But they tell me they will not do anything without a correct name and address for the culprit. Why should I do their job for them?

I GOT UP THIS morning feeling depressed. I have already lost one good doctor because he will not take Medicare. Then I heard Herman Cain on the radio say, “Stupid people are ruining Amer­ica.” That removed some of my depression. I love Herman Cain.

THE LOCAL BRANCH of the Social Security office in Augusta is so nasty to people. If you have had problems, e-mail the governor and let him know you are not being treated right.

GEN. MEIGS WAS a scoundrel and a thief. He took Gen. Lee’s wife’s plantation and as an afterthought built a cemetery and even called it Arlington after her old homeplace.

WHY DO SO MANY single women have so many children without fathers? Didn’t they have fathers to start with?

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