Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



DON’T YOU LOVE WHAT the Masters does for the Augusta community? Its huge gift to the Community Foundation of the CSRA makes it possible to provide grants to 40 area nonprofit agencies which help people and better the community. Now, if I could only get a Masters ticket things would be perfect!

GROVETOWN IS a growing city, but it’s the trashiest city in the CSRA. City workers may cut the grass in the common area of the most traveled street, which is East Robinson Avenue, but it took a week to pick up trash after the Christmas parade.

CALL IT A COINCIDENCE, but after seeing two pest-control service vehicles in my neighborhood at the same time, now I am seeing baby roaches in a home that has never experienced this type of infestation.

WHAT IS THE POINT of alumni, staffers and students of GRU voting in yet another survey? Azziz is going to pick what he wants anyway. Why not use Count Dracula as the mascot? Don’t fall for it this time. The results from the survey for choosing the new school’s logo and color scheme will not mean a thing since Emperor Azziz has already chosen what he wants!

THE REAL STORY BEHIND the “fiscal cliff” is that it has spurred a giving spree unlike anything ever seen before. Did it really take the threat of taxes to spur philanthropy? It really lets you know how some privileged Americans truly feel. I have been very blessed, but have always believed that one should spread the wealth.

THE COUNTY CHRISTMAS PARTY was the worst one I ever attended. The party was separated, and people were not able to sit together. If I had known it would be the way it was, I would never have attended this one. Only certain people go anyway.

DO PEOPLE IN DISTRICT 1 really believe Bill Fennoy is going to do anything? When he gets to the meetings, he will do what everyone tells him to do. He is also only interested in the Laney-Walker area. He will never do anything for any of the other parts of the district – Summerville, Harrisburg. Wait and see – I am going to have to have to say I told you so.

I HEAR THAT our commissioners want to spend $300,000 to have a traffic study conducted to see if we need “roundabouts.” Are you kidding me?! I am sick and tired of these clowns wanting to spend money on these kinds of “projects.” How about repairing the roads we have now!