Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



STATE BUDGET CUTS force more layoffs at GHSU. Yet state funds were wasted on an ignored survey and are being wasted on an unnecessary lawsuit in order to satisfy greed, arrogance and egotism. How many more jobs will be lost?


MIKE BOOTH’S LETTER to the editor cites an excellent list of criteria that shows the advantages of hiring senior citizens. Unfortunately, not all seniors can meet the listed criteria, but it’s something that one could evaluate before hiring.


IF YOU PRAY for it and it happens, your prayer was answered. If you pray for it and it doesn’t happen, it’s God’s will. If everything is according to God’s omniscient will, what, then, is the point of prayer?


THE PLACEMENT OF a historical marker to a Yankee officer in Augusta is an example of our ridiculously “politically correct” society. This man seized Gen. Lee’s wife’s property in revenge for his service to the South. Are there markers to Confederate soldiers in the North? I doubt it.


PRESIDENT OBAMA said that there will be consequences if President Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons on his people. I wonder what these consequences will be? Probably he will just send a letter to Assad telling him to stop it. That’s what you call strong leadership.


FINALLY, GEORGIA Southern got on the front page of the sports section after advancing to the semifinals in the playoffs. GSU was on Page 7 while UGA dominated all the pages, even though the Bulldogs lost.


WHO’S FOOTING THE bill for the formal $150-per-person gala for the new sheriff? Better not be us taxpayers.


I’M GLAD THERE was a nice private fete to Sheriff Ronnie Strength. I just wish there was a nice public one that more of us could attend.


I CAN GET OVER the fact that Obama was re-elected; you have to get over the fact that my criticisms are due to a disagreement with hi philosophy and not due to racism.



Rants and raves