Empty Stocking Fund donations

Previously acknowledged $67,535.22


In loving memory of Ron Lindsey $20

“In loving memory of Camille Martin” $20

Kent and Patricia Hood $50

In honor of Ed and Carolyn Parry $10

In memory of Mr. Joseph G. Matthews $15

In memory of Barbara $40

Jason and Sherry Hayes $25

Christine and John Crawford Jr. $25

In memory of Tommy Winters $50

Anonymous $25

In memory of Jeff and Elaine $10

In memory of my mom Margaret Holley $15

In honor of Bob Gillespie $200

James Ayers $20

Lucy Ayers $25

Anonymous $30

In honor of Joe, Cooper, Menger, McKenzie, Matao and Jake $200

In honor of our four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren $25

Anonymous $35

Thomson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram $200

In loving memory of Richard (Jack) Miles
and Earl Clampitt $50

John and Kendra Gogick $100

Cathy Green $25

In memory of Buddie $20

Robert and Sandi Dupuy $25

In memory of April Nichols: We love you, Mama, Daddy, Kyle, Allison, Jeff, Drayton and Sawyer $50

In memory of Papa Art Delmerico with
love Mia and Sam $20

The Dunbars $25

In memory of Buster and Missy $50

Michael Combs $5

Patrick and Monique Catalini $40

In memory of Pam Gantt $50

J.R. Cadieux $250

Merry Christmas from Carson and
M.C. $100

Kanti and Kusum Mistry $25

Edward and Gabrielle Eno $100

Irvin and Janice Richardson $100

Troy Simmons $50

In memory of my sister Vera Whitener
by Richard E. Bailey $100

Episcopal Day School dress down day $617

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. F. Stuhler
and Mr. and Mrs. S. Tomber $50

In memory of Mama, Daddy, Henry and
Larkin $25

In memory of my lovely grandmother
Curtis Shield Trowbridge, Mother Mabel
T. Blount, and Aunt and Uncle Mr. and
Mrs. James S. Trowbridge $25

In thanksgiving for Campbell Elizabeth Harison $25

In memory of the Flemister Family $20

Stacia and William Blevins $25

Hugh and Mary Scott $50

John and Nanette Johnson $25

Russ and Mary Ellen Jacobs $100

Total today $3,187

Total this year $70,722.22



Wed, 12/13/2017 - 13:35

Four arrested after burglary in Aiken