Monday marks busiest mailing day for U.S. Postal Service

The rush is on to make sure gifts arrive for Christmas Day and not a day later.


Monday was expected to be the busiest mailing day for holiday cards and packages with more than 658 million pieces of mail processed by the U.S. Postal Service.

On an average day, the Postal Service processes 538 million items.

At Augusta’s main post office on Eighth Street, people scurried to affix stamps and tape boxes.

Larry Epps carried a box of pecans to ship to his sister in Virginia. The post office was his priority errand of the day.

“I just know it’s gotta be done,” Epps said.

Gift-givers have until Thursday to send first-class mail and Friday to send priority mail items.

For last-minute procrastinators, the Postal Service recommends shipping express mail no later than Saturday.

Elaine Summers said she learned a good lesson Monday as she shipped Christmas presents to her daughter in California.

“I paid an astronomical price to get it there on time,” Summers said.

“I should have been in here Saturday instead of today.”

Customers reported quick-moving lines and a sufficient number of clerks to handle the surge.

Joyce Peters rushed out the front door at noon, arms full with flat rate, prepaid shipping boxes. She needed to get home, package gifts and return that day to drop them in the mail.

“The lines are not as bad as I thought it would be,” Peters said. “I thought it would be out the door.”


Mail your items by these dates to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas:

First class Thursday

Priority Friday

Express Saturday



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