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IF OBAMA HAD defended the folks in Benghazi with as much fervor as he has defended Ambas­sador Rice, they would still be alive!


WOULDN’T IT BE COOL if MCG, Augusta College and Paine students could all use the Bon Air Hotel for student housing? It would save taxpayers a lot of money if students could have dorms on one space. It would also help fix that hotel up.


RAVE TO JIM DEMINT. Thank you for upgrading South Carolina’s U.S. Senate representation.


HOW IS IT Sheriff Strength rides around in a normal police car and Round­tree is getting a loaded-up $60,000 SUV?


THE TAX DEDUCTION for giving money to charities may be changed, reduced or eliminated after the first of the year. If you need the deductions, give to your favorite charities before Dec. 31. Nonprofit organizations struggle during the holiday season, so you could help others while helping yourself.


TO THE FOUR “wanna­be” hood rats walking around Ivy Falls subdivision: Be advised your little plan to give me a flat tire didn’t work. Someone saw you put the empty glass bottle behind my front tire thinking I would run it over. Try it again and you’ll be dealing with the police. It won’t be hard to find out where you live, especially the red-headed kid … so be warned!


AFTER VIEWING THE empty lake just up the road from Augusta, I have renamed the “Corps of Engineers” to the “Group of Failures.” They are obviously not engineers.


RAVE FOR THE customer service I received at the Aiken DMV office. Excep­tional, friendly and most of all efficient! What a great experience! Keep up the good work.


SCHOOLS CLAIM TO need a way to judge “teacher effectiveness.” Just since Carter invented the unconstitutional federal Education Department, teachers have been effectively brainwashed to teach that Marxist brainwashing to kids, and now both teachers and students, nationwide, continue to vote socialists into public office where they, the politicians, steal our money and our freedom. That means that the teachers have been very effective at teaching the devil’s lies.


COLIN POWELL IS NOT a conservative. He showed his true colors in the last two elections. He is a liberal.



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Rants and raves

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