Rants & Raves

WHAT’S WITH ALL of the tacky homemade signs posted at intersections? Can these businesses not afford to market their wares any better? Queen mattress sets, home washing, yard work, shelled pecans; the list goes on and on. Is there not an ordinance against them? And take down the yard sale signs after the sale!



STOP RANTING ABOUT Dr. Azziz and switch your rants to Republican Govs. Perdue and Nathan Deal, who started this and who will finish it by paying Azziz probably a million dollars in severance pay in about a year.


I READ IN The Chronicle about public input concerning traffic control. The people at traffic control do not want public input. I personally reported a traffic hazard where someone could possibly be hurt or killed, and it was three months before any corrective action was taken, and then it was only a Band-Aid fix.


RANT FOR CONGRESS­MEN; let’s put them on Medi­care and Social Se­curity. They are talking about cutting me a raise. I’m getting $21,000 this year. Let’s see them try to live on $1,400 a month. It is all I can do to buy my medicine and eat regularly. Those guys are all a bunch of crooks. They ought to kick them all out or make them go on Social Security and Medicare like the rest of us.


THERE WAS A BAD wreck right at the corner of Willis Forman Road and U.S. Highway 1. I counted 18 deputies there standing around not doing anything but drawing money. They should be up the road directing people how to get out of here. I’m glad we have a new sheriff in town because I believe he will straighten out this mess.


THE RANTER WHO is concerned about who is supplier of the free turkeys should volunteer to participate in the event. The ranter can then become enlightened in two ways: first by getting the name off the delivery truck, and second by realizing that where the turkeys are going is much more important than where they came from.


I KNOW TEACHERS now who have been teaching for nearly 10 years and they still can’t pay for the mortgages on their houses. What do you want the teachers to do, starve to death? They need more money to take care of your unruly kids and to baby-sit them when you are out playing around.


BLYTHE DOESN’T NEED a library. Shouldn’t we first have sufficient sidewalks and roads? We need Brent Weir to run for mayor to straighten things out.



Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:42

Rants and raves