Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THE INCONSIDERATES are at it again. It’s amazing how a springlike day in Edgefield County always seems to bring out those few who are intent on burning leaves this time of year and polluting everyone’s breathing space for the weekend.


THANK YOU, ladies and gentlemen, for a year that was full of wishes and wonder for your sports team. All I can say about your college team is “Dogs lose, Dogs lose.” Makes me happy.


THE ‘KICK-BOXING’ woman on the vein commercials reminds me of Si on Duck Dynasty. Well, Si without a beard.


ELIMINATING deductions is the same as raising taxes.


WHAT EVER HAPPENED to all the money that was to be saved in City Administrator Fred Russell’s reorganization plan earlier this year? We saw directors being fired and employees being demoted and the cemeteries being neglected. I’m just curious.


A RANT TO THE person driving the black Monte Carlo who was texting her way down Mike Padgett Highway around 7:30. I was sitting beside you at the light at Tobacco Road and observed as you were texting just as hard as you could, while constantly glancing up and down at the light waiting for it to change. When it changed you took off and continued to text and glance up and down at the phone while driving. It is people like you that make Mike Padgett a death trap to travel on each day.


TO SENS. LINDSEY Graham and Saxby Chambliss: Stand up, man, your honor is at stake. ... Not one more dime for Washington.


I RAN OUT OF that Augusta State University library because of my allergies to dogs. I had to leave to make sure I could breathe in order to study. Couldn’t they leave the dogs outside the library instead of covering the whole only entrance to the library? Think about that when you plan things for students: We do not usually expect dogs in the library.


RAVE TO ALL THE students at the ARC basketball game. Before the game the school plays the national anthem. The school was having difficulty with the sound system, and the system quit during the song, but the students continue to sing the national anthem with respect, and believe it or not, they knew all of the words. Good job!


RAVE FOR THE wonderful article on William Banks and Georgia Southern. It is great to read an article on a first-class athlete and a first-class football program.