Empty Stocking Fund donations

Previously acknowledged $57,834.22



In memory of Frank Hebbard Jr., from  his family $200

The Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Delta  Kappa $111

Peggy Lovelace a gift to my friends $100

In memory of Virginia Woodward from  Nina Hebbard $100

Earl and Linda $50

The Women of the Well Holy Trinity Angels in Church North Augusta SC $50

Willie Chiles $25

Carson, Caroline, Taylor, Avery, Stella, Kristin and Hannah $100

In memory of John Small, Sr. from his Langford Jr. High football coach $50

Merry Christmas Marjorie and
George Milne $25

“In memory of Tony and Michael McClellan” $50

Willie Reynolds $10

Mac and Lynn Reeves $100

W B Salter $25

David and Shirley Arens $50

“Shadow the Kat” $100

In memory of Reid Heos $50

In memory of Ivie and Jimmy Lee $20

Bret, Bart, Troy and Tony $100

Sandra Keen $50

Alice Keen $50

In loving memory of our friends, Jim Wiley, Harry Glass, Victor Johnson, Larry Lavarnway and our brother, Wayman (Buzz) Hill $40

David Clark $25

John and Mary White $20

Patrick and Joan Bieker $50

Anonymous $25

Carol Cooksey $20

Ann Cooper $40

In memory of Morgan Beverly $50

In honor of Julia and Sonny Gaston from Sam and Elizabeth $500

In memory of Dot and George Whigham $500

In memory of Dr. Dazziz $20

Wesley and Rita Brinkman $100

Willie and Gwendolyn Collins $35

In memory of Robert B. Lamar by George J. Lamar and family $100

Greenbrier Middle School $125

Hal Herrington, Jr. $10

Grovetown Lion Club $250

Bill Cooper $20

Gary Berg and Pick Chen Chai $100

Eldon and Beatrice Ensz $25

Anonymous $60

Anonymous $100


Total today $3,631


Total this year $61,465.22



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:44

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