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YOU CAN SEE NOW why a photo ID (driver’s license, for example) is needed when voting when one reads the article “Some voters registered at vacant lots.” In addition to vacant lots people have registered at abandoned or boarded-up houses.


WHY IS IT THAT when Democrats talk about cutting entitlements they only talk about Medicare and Social Security? What about all of the others, such as free phones, food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, low income housing and contraceptives.. Entitlements of all sorts need to be candidates for cuts.


IT IS A SHAME that Richmond County schools show little, if any, respect for noncustodial fathers of students in their district. Perhaps one day they can pay attention to court orders, just like the rest of us do. Or is it that school systems are above such things, like the law? More fathers than not want to be positively and actively involved in our children’s lives. Don’t stand in the way.


SHERIFF-ELECT Roundtree really thinks people have money to throw around? He expects to haul in $150 a person? What is he going to serve, caviar and champagne? This from a man who’s supposed to be a peace officer? Where is the money supposed to go? For his new captains?


‘AUGUSTA CHRONICLE,’ that was good reporting on the voter frauds you found. Now I hope the city at least bans those particular people and has charges posted against them.


I’M SO GLAD that Historic Augusta recognized the need to preserve the last vestige of Haines Institute in the historic building called Cauley-Wheeler. Now I truly hope that the building will be repaired. After all, it’s designated as a historic site.


IT SEEMS THE NEW and illegitimate “state” of Palestine is broke, in the hole and run by thugs.


SOME OF THE opposition to President Obama comes from sincere policy disagreement; fair enough. But this old, white Southern male can assure you that the vitriol, the hatred, the attempts to delegitimize Obama, come from old-fashioned racism. And that is the truth.



Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:48

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