Empty Stocking Fund donations

Previously acknowledged $51,799.22


The Almost Reconstituted Defunct Wednesday Bridge Club which mainly plays on Thursdays.... $10

Jackie Sims $50

In memory of Gerald Dupree $100

Jane Enyeart $50

Merry Christmas from Glynn and Cathy Bruker $100

In memory of my Brothers Theo, Bill, Bob and Tom Balk $50

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio $100

In memory of Nelson Crenshaw $100

Pick Chen Chai and Gary Berg $200

In memory of Doc Watson $100

Kate and Stephen Ferguson $25

In memory of Fred Kennedy, Jr. $50

In memory of Leahman, Flo, Marvin and Bob $200

In memory of Mommy, Rebekah, Love, Ava Bowers $100

In memory of my parents Margaret and Marion Alston $100

In memory of Robert and Minnie Rinker and Carolyn Tate $50

Harry and Carolyn Elam $50

In memory of Chester E Hendrich $200

“In honor of Dorothy and Louise” $100

F.F. and Joyce Marschalk, Jr. $50

Anne and Neil Myers $50

In memory of our parents, from Bob and Marion Hill $100

In memory of my husband Charles Odom $20

In memory of Stephanie and Donna LaBlanc $100

Anonymous $50

Carl and Anita Johns $100

In loving memory of my husband A.J. Lewis, Sr. and my beloved Son, Ray Dixon from Mrs. Mary Lewis $40

In loving memory of my niece Jean McDonald Reed from Mrs. Mary Lewis $10

Carolyn Benning $35

In loving memory of David Micheal McCoy $25

In memory of my Son, Michael and Wicket $20

Dr. and Mrs. Logan Nalley, Jr. $150

Total today $2,485

Total this year $54,284.22