Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RANT TO THE Rich­mond County sheriff’s deputy who flies up Boy Scout Road about 5:35 every morning. Please slow down before you kill someone. You are not in a rush to get to a site; you are in a rush to get to roll call.

IT WOULD HAVE been nice to honor Winston Churchill’s birthday Nov. 30. He was such a great historian and leader.

WHY DON’T WOMEN keep their kids from running all over the store and keep their buggies and kids out of everyone else’s way?

I’LL BE GLAD when that low-income housing is ready on Columbia County. I have to get ahead of this stormwater fee.

EVERY WEEK WHEN I go into the grocery store the price has gone up on the same item. Now we can’t afford what we need or like. We learn to do without. Is there an end?

RAVES TO THE ANGELS who picked up our tab on Nov. 21 at the Waffle House. Our daughter was in an accident. We appreciate what they did for us. It was a difficult time.

DOES MARION WILLIAMS still have drag strip stars in his eyes?

RANT DIRECTED at Santa’s personal hygiene and appearance in the Christmas parade Saturday. We found it disgusting that Santa’s hair and beard were dingy and dirty. The suit Santa wore was in definite need of cleaning.

I THINK THE Obama administration and the Democrats in Washington are the most deceptive people this country has ever known. I don’t trust anything they do or say.

RANT TO THE RUDE people at the Christmas parade. Do you come to enjoy the parade or beg for candy? You were so rude to the people and students in the parade, all because they did not have any candy. To the students whose feelings were hurt because you did not have candy, you all look great and behaved excellently.

TO ALL YOU wannabe NASCAR drivers: River Watch Parkway is not a race track. Bump drafting is not cool. Riding my bumper, flashing your lights or waving your arms like a primate will not turn my car into a magic carpet, which will leap over the cars in front of me.



Rants and raves