Rants & Raves

TO THE WORKMEN who are fixing West Avenue in North Augusta: The sidewalks, the bricks, the road, it all looks so beautiful. You have done a fabulous job. Thank you very much for making the road beautiful.



OUR HEALTH CARE system needs to be overhauled in America to find less expensive ways to do a lot of things. In Japan, a person can go in the hospital and stay overnight and it is only $20. In America, it is $800 to ride five miles in an ambulance. Go figure.


RANT FOR THE lady from the senior citizen council who wrote the letter to the editor. I agree that we need to preserve our Medicare benefits, but I do not think she should have referred to it as an entitlement. It is a part of FICA, which is an insurance that people pay into for a lifetime. Therefore it is not an entitlement. It is a benefit that is worked for and paid for over our lifetime.


A REMINDER TO ALL those folks that drive with one hand, even taking curves, and use the second hand to either hold the phone or do some sort of texting. I had a close experience today while someone turned in front of me – and I believe I have the right to demand that I am left alive – just like many other people that don’t text or talk on cellphones. Nothing can be that important that one risks life and limb for something that can surely wait.


A HUGE RAVE TO Trinity Hospital of Augusta, I recently fell to a very painful illness and was admitted for an almost two-week stay. I received the most personal and compassionate care imaginable. Doctors, staff and all support departments had smiles and encouragement. This is an awesome facility for healing, physically, mentally and spiritually! I was born there 45 years ago and never imagined being a patient, but I am thankful for every single one of you, and even more thankful to call you my work family!


TAKES TWO TO MAKE the mess in Washington. Not just Democrats or Republicans. Both parties are to blame.


I’LL BET OBAMA wants to be a pharaoh too, just like Morsi.


THE PERSON WHO ROBBED a driver of $4 is not only a low-down, bum crook; he’s also a stupid crook. It’s also ironically sad that he won’t be able to read this, since he probably holds a high school diploma and can’t read a newspaper.


PLEASE CLEAN UP the city and remove all of these political signs.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

Rants and raves