Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I WANT TO RAVE about the customer service at Pearl Vision. They were very friendly and understood exactly what I needed. I now have trifocals, which work better for me than bifocals. I give them all an A-plus.


RANT FOR DR. AZZIZ. I was appalled at his comment from his blog concerning the early retirees. Dr. Azziz, once again, funds were spent on a study before offering us the early retirement. Much to the surprise of MCG officials, more of us participated than anticipated. Believe me, we deserved the offer on early retirement, and are most thankful … and we are thankful that we did not have to work for you!


THIS IS A RAVE FOR Walker Paint and Body for finding my purse on the side of the road and calling us to return it. We do have some good and honest people in this world.


GO AHEAD AND TRY to tax the wealthy all you wish. They will simply send lobbyists to create more loopholes. If you do succeed with new taxes, the rich will just fly off in their private jets to go live where their money already is, overseas.


WE ARE DAMN SICK and tired of all the Republican lies, lies, lies, especially against our president. Our president does not cowboy into foreign countries to dump tens of thousands of soldiers to die without proper equipment and body armor. He gets other countries to join us in mutual efforts toward peace or the ending of violence. He’s improved efforts to help the VA. Thank goodness he’s in for the next four years!


I HAVE YET TO HEAR any reasonable setup to take care of all these unaborted kids that abortion foes had promised would be loved and cared for. Where are these foes when the kids are being mutilated and tortured even to the death?


THANK GOODNESS FOR new Democrats to replace the insane people who thought rape was approved by God. Or that kids need to be born of rape.


HOW MANY FREE advertisements are we going to permit on those poles or ground stakes near sidewalks? If you keep letting those ads build up, no one will buy ads in the daily paper anymore! So the AC should campaign to have them taken down.


HILLARY CLINTON IS already preparing herself for a presidential run in 2016 by distancing herself from the Benghazi debacle.