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ALL THE COVERAGE FOR the people being in line for Black Friday and then I find out they are selling their services to make purchases for others. Just check Craigslist for their posts.

It is all about making money.

I AM A GRADUATE of Augusta State University. We still need a better name than Georgia Regents University. Even when Augusta is tacked on at the end, the name makes the school sound second-rate or like an online college. It’s a good school and deserves a better name.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK the staff at Morningside Assisted Living for being such caring people. The activities director, Kelley, recently arranged for an Elvis impersonator to entertain the residents. It was so heartwarming to see our seniors having such a good time and many of them singing along.

THANKS TO University Hospital for putting on the Diabetes Expo at Warren Baptist Church. We were able to gain the latest info related to diabetes from the many excellent classes that were offered.

HOORAY! SOMETHING good is happening in Augusta, which is going to benefit all of us. The additional adaptive traffic lights which are planned that adjust their timing based on traffic flow will result in less frustration and over time will result in less gas consumption. Kudos to those who are pushing to make this happen.

HOW SAD THAT the Letter to the Editor condones guest columnist Edward Maner’s position that criticism of the president is racially motivated. I, and many others criticize Obama on many things because he deserves it – not because he is black. It’s time to stop spreading the disease of racism.

RAVES FOR THE honest person who turned in my MasterCard to the Evans Kroger’s gas attendant. Honesty is its own reward, but I thank you for exercising good character. Happy Thanksgiving.

editor on Nov. 20 was absolutely correct.
The criticism of President Obama is racially motivated. All of the claims against the Obamas are not true. We should show more respect for our president than this.

LOOKS LIKE BILL KIRBY is going to give all the bad people in Augusta a new idea with his joke for the day.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 21:23

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