Empty Stocking Fund donors Dec. 5



In loving memory of John H. Bentley
and Alexander Bentley $25

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crawford, Jr. $10

Paul and Margaret Franks $50

Senator and Mrs. Jesse Stone $100

In memory of my brother Wayne Bailey
by Richard E. Bailey $100

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willis $100

Willie and Suzanne Green $20

In memory of W.C. Myles to shine
the light of Love $40

Mrs. A. Nonny Mouse $15

Lola Ryan $5

“In memory of my Mother and Daddy” $25

Roger Ford $50

Tedd and Nancy Antonacci $50

Gayle and Hugh Davidson $15

In loving memory of Jennifer
Simless $100

Bobby and Kay Bryant $75

Rodney and Lois Wurst $10

In memory of Mrs. Cecil Walter
Dempsey $25

Anna Bannister $25

Kathleen Stevens $100

In loving memory of my husband
Lucius Forman Mack Jr. $25

In honor of our 11 Grandchildren
from Jan and Paul $25

Douglas and Mary Fleiss $50

Jeffrey Hendry $40

Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Clayburn $25

Connor Ray Parrish $10

Todd and Rosemary Matthews $100

In memory of Dan Morgan $50

In memory of Owen Smitherman $100

Pa, Granny Holt, Loving memory
Kayla Nicole Swearinger Holt $15

Big Man, Kacy, Kriston, Kellie, Shane
and Pa Holt $15

Jerry Baine $25

Joan Triest $10

In loving memory of Pierce E. Marks III
by Mr. and Mrs. Gardelle Lewis, Jr. $200

For my dear sister Doris and husband
Ray from Josephine Tuero $25

Nancy Brown $100

Ingham’s Income Tax and
Financial Services $20

Reynolds and Kathryn Jarvis $100

Dennis and Det Ellis $50

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Everett $20

Monique and Ralph Cauble $25

Maria and Benjamin Ortiz, Sr. $25

Robert and Susan Patrick $20

In memory of Harold Timmerman $50

Thomas Severynse $50

Charles Henry $25

In memory of John Pierce
Blanchard, Sr $35

Kris and Susan Hardy $50

Charles Williamson III $150

Jane Webb $150

Margaret Albrecht $300

Barbara Skinner $100

In memory of J. Logan Kitchens $25

Wayne and Ashley Matthews $130

Monique Cordes $20

In memory of James T. Sanders
and Elaine Faye Sanders Peppers $200

Eddie Norton $25

Brenda Creswell $50

James and Phoebe Crimmins $150

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goldberg $100

Leo Barnes $50

Anne Barton $25

Michael and Kathy Dupree $100

Frederick and J.S. Klippert $100

Bernard Hendrix $25

Dan Boyd $25

Ronald and Barbara Lewis $100

James Siders $50

In memory of my Son Thomas $100

Robert and Patricia Williams $25


Total today $4,225



Total this year $34,387.22


Mon, 08/21/2017 - 22:42

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