Rants & Raves

THE CHRONICLE online crime map has become a very useful instrument in our daily lives. The problem is that it is not being updated as regularly as we would like. Please make arrangements to speed up that information and help us feel safer.



THANKS TO THE Bridge Ministry and the other organizations who provided a hot turkey dinner and a new coat at the annual Thanksgiving dinner and worship service to 1000 homeless or impoverished people. Keep up the good work!


I KNOW, MR. PRESIDENT, that it was urgent and important for you to take a trip to Asia right now but don’t forget your promise to take a trip to Israel early in your second term. They could really do with the visibility right now in these troubling times.


TO THE RANTER who commented on Roundtree’s training: any job that is worth having will always provide training for the selectee. There are certain facets of every position that will require a particular skillset and preparation.


AMERICA IS AS great a place as it ever was. Those who declare that “THEIR” America is being whisked away are part of the problem. Become part of solution and embrace change; contribute.


IT IS A SAD DAY when four deaths in Benghazi overshadows the thousands of deaths in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The death toll continues to rise, but partisan bickering and political grandstanding is more patriotic than paying tribute to our fallen warriors.


I AM A RIGHT-WING, Ronald Reagan/Barry Goldwater Conservative US Army Veteran. And I totally agree with Col. Ann Wright. We never should have attacked Iraq.


IT IS AMAZING to me that so many commenting in this column are so concerned about Israel. It would better serve the people here in America if you were more concerned about how you treat them.


TED KOPPEL RECENTLY opined that the conservative and progressive news channels on cable TV should be eliminated: that would help bring our country back to reality. I tend to agree, and I also go as far as saying the same about biased newspapers. Nobody wants to know your opinion.


RAVE AND HOLIDAY blessings to Wal-Mart, BI-LO and Amerigroup for buying the giveaway turkeys. We thank you.