Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHATEVER THE Augusta college/med school name is, now they’re claiming they will make things better for students with “enhanced campus life.” Schools exist to educate and not for “campus life.”


WHY IS EVERYBODY trying to blame President Obama for all the problems in this nation? It has been hundreds of years. He can’t be held responsible for the country’s issues and problems. These people ranting about the president need to be president and see what they would do.


TEARING DOWN THE River Glen Apartments will not solve the problem. It is not the buildings; it is some of the people who live there and the visitors. They would just move on to another spot. The people who live there need to do something about the drug problem.


IT IS AWFUL THAT young men had nothing better to do with their lives than plan to murder an 81-year-old disabled person. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, but it would be mine too to get them the same way they got him.


THAT TEACHER IN Idaho should have her face magic markered and then be fired. There is no excuse; you don’t do that to kids.


I HAVE LIVED IN the area almost 25 years. I have always wondered who buys or pays for these turkeys that the Brown family gives out. Does it come out of their own pockets, or do they hit up the merchants for donations?


GAZANS BLAME Israel for “miserable living conditions” in Gaza, but the fault lies with themselves. Muslim manipulators moved in when Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians. They immediately destroyed any semblance of civilized living, thus the little guys believed the lie that their plight was the fault of Israel.


FOR THE RANTER who voted for Obama because he cares for Medicare: Did you care about Medicare when Obama took $76 million out to spend on his pet projects?


RUSH LIMBAUGH LEAD the Republican Party? Why not? He can spout rhetoric with the best of them.


I PRAY THAT everyone has a safe holiday season. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who bought alcohol or illegal drugs would have to donate $5 to a food bank of their choice?