Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I HOPE THE legislators and other so-called big wigs in Augusta have learned their lesson about whom they endorse to go against Barrow. Either Wright McLeod or Rick Allen would certainly have had a good chance with their poise and ability to debate.

BUILD IT AND they will come ... unless you build it in Augusta.

I HAVEN’T SEEN anything being done about the old, burned apartments on Circular Drive or the abandoned dumps on Lindsey Road in south Augusta. Somebody owns these properties, and they should be held accountable.

DRAW A LINE from Millen to Midville. Nine miles north, draw a parallel line and connect the ends to form a rectangle about the size of Gaza. Israel is concentrating 75,000 of its soldiers (among worlds’ best-trained and best-led) along Gaza for a possible invasion. Imagine those soldiers invading the rectangle between Millen and Midville. They’d stomp us flat by lunch.

WHEN IT IS REQUIRED to show a valid ID to vote there is always a big outcry, but when it is required to show a valid ID to receive a free turkey there is silence. This defies logic.