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HATS OFF TO Ken Rayburn for his volunteer skilled work used in fully restoring Trinity Hospital’s life-size Nativity figures. His enhancement of the figures will bring joy to the many who visit the Nativity scene each year. Thank you, Mr. Rayburn.

THANKS TO ALL the volunteers who participated in the annual Feast before the Feast at Cherry Tree Crossing, Olmstead Homes and Oak Pointe Apartments. You should be proud of serving the needy of our community. Monique Braswell, the council president and a founder of the event, said that about 5,800 people were fed. Well done!

HERE’S TO THE wonderful couple at last year’s Christmas service who insisted on pushing their way into the pew, after I had gone in an hour early to get the front end seat where you can view the tree. Not only did they not listen to me when I said my family was meeting me there, they took up about three seats forcing me to move into the middle. My family refused to barge in, and I didn’t want them to stand alone, so I joined them on the sidelines over an air vent, while I watched the couple gleefully let three people into the pew. I know that this sounds petty, but I was really getting into the spirit of everything before this intrusion. My daughter thought that I had reacted badly even though nothing was said to her, and I was uninvited to Christmas dinner at her house I had a lonely bitter night I hope that the great couple had a very merry Christmas, and I hope that next year they can come in late and force their way into another family’s Christmas. Happy holidays to that thoughtful, helpful couple who, by the way, were dressed like lumberjacks! Joy to the world!

WITH A NEW sheriff in town, if the crime rate drops then I’ll say you made a good choice but right now I seriously doubt that will happen.

A NEWS ANCHOR the other day, ad libbing, said, “Don’t mess with Israel.” Amen. Pray for Israel.

IF ANYONE IN AUGUSTA is from Massachusetts, please tell us what the Romneycare plan has done in your state. This, as I understand, was the blueprint for what is called Obamacare. What have the death panels done in Massachusetts? How many businesses have folded because they had to provide insurance? How many deaths have resulted from this Romneycare? Thanks for your input.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves