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BOTH SIDES IN Washington claim that to fix their economic mess they “must increase tax revenue.” Raising revenue, in clear English, means that productive Americans will have MORE of their earned money stolen from them by the politicians. Both parties are corrupt to the core.

RANT ABOUT RUSSELL’S budget. With the economy in a shambles, business down all over, and therefore tax revenue down, Mr. Russell is giving county employees a raise and hiring more employees for us – the taxpayers – to pay for. All other businesses are laying off, cutting spending, certainly not giving raises, and tightening belts; why is he doing this a second year in a row, and nobody is SQUEAKING.

STOP IT! Media in Augusta, stop calling Medical College of Georgia and Augusta State University GRU or one of its other abominable renditions.

THE MAN WHO OWNS the white car who parks it every day on Thomas Drive in Merrymont creates a dangerous situation for other homeowners on the street. Why not use your own yard to park in, instead of the public street?

WHY DO WE NEED TO be supportive of President Obama? He is the one who created the 8 percent unemployment, the trillion-dollar deficit, the high gas prices, the underemployment and the horrible foreign policy.

RANT ABOUT THE Terrace Manor parents. Where were they when this was taking place until the news got wind of it? Now they all want to come out and say the school is full of mold. Mighty funny that nothing was said before now.

ALL YOU FOLKS WHO voted for Mr. Obama, y’all just back up now and watch the diesel fuel prices and the gas prices and the food prices go out of sight.

UNIONS ARE responsible for killing Hostess, an American icon, and losing almost 20,000 jobs. How long will it take for the Unions/Democrats to try to spin this as a positive for the downtrodden workers, comrade?



Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:42

Rants and raves