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A SECTION OF TOWN goes to pieces because the inhabitants allow it. When that happens, the only revitalization that works is for those same people to wake up, get to work and control themselves. Obviously, the 15th Street crowd isn’t doing that.

BLACK KNIGHT FOOTBALL fans and parents of players: Please remember to support your coaches and be a good example to students/players. Negativity and naysayers will never build a strong program.

HUGE RAVE TO THE Columbia County Adult Softball Program. I am amazed that they took change so well and have had the same employees for years. It is truly an honor to talk with each of the employees mostly every night.

CREATING A NEW $70,000 government job is not going to do a darn thing to attract retail businesses to Augusta. The problem is that the population of Augusta has been stagnant for the past 20 years, whereas neighboring Columbia and Aiken counties have grown by leaps and bounds.

AS A RETIRED Rich­mond County educator, I would like to say to the Terrace Manor principal: Bravo!

RAVES TO MR. KEN, the Columbia County Transit bus driver. He is always kind and caring to the customers. He is always cordial and nice to you.

THE GOVERNMENT geniuses who will blow more big money to do nothing to help 15th Street and environs pretend “planting trees close together” and installing bike racks is a cure. 1. Does it cost $1.8 million for some trees and racks? 2. If they plant trees close together, doesn’t that just give the crooks more places to hide?

SPECIAL THANKS TO the folks at Ruby Tuesday for finding my eyeglasses and holding them for me after a recent meal at their Evans location.

RANT FOR THE Rich­mond County deputies who patrol Windsor Spring Road for harrassing young boys just because they are walking by the road. I have seen this happen two times. This is uncalled for. No wonder the cops are hated. It’s like they want to see kids screw up.

A REMINDER TO BARRY and his tax-and-spend regime that the top 2 percent of wage earners already shoulder about 30 percent of the nation’s tax burden.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves