Rants & Raves

THE NEW RICHMOND County police cars are nice, but as with the old fleet of Crown Vics, these models do not have turn signals either.


THIS COUNTRY’S motto “In God We Trust” has turned to “In the Devil We Trust” in this election.

IN REGARD to the Petraeus affair: I’m beginning to think someone wants to destroy our military from the top down.

UNLESS THE Repub­li­can Party gets its stuff together, remember you read it here, Hillary Clin­ton will be our next president.

I HAVE HEARD MORE about Gen. Petraeus’s problems in one day than I have heard about Benghazi in one month.

OBAMA AND THE Democrats will tax us back to the Stone Age (those few of us that still pay taxes).

HOW IS IT THAT a uniformed police person from Columbia County can come into my neighborhood where I live in Richmond County with a uniform on and official car and spend hours at my neighbor’s house? And no, they do not live at that place.

CONCERNING THE CIA director’s affair and other people on affairs: It’s not their fault for using poor judgment. It’s the wife’s fault. The blame is always placed on someone else. What a better marriage and love for each other if the “man” would admit it was his fault. Ha! What man would?

RANT ABOUT the Geor­gia lottery. As a business owner that has a lottery machine, I can tell you that the compensation to the business is so little that it is barely worth having the machine in place. When it started, businesses were compensated. Now, the compensation is almost nothing on the sales, and not the payouts. Are there other retailers as frustrated?

KUDOS TO THE three Columbia County school board members for declining to take new Apple iPads. As Roxanne Whita­ker said, “I say we save the money for something else.” Thanks to the three members who realized the money could better be put to use elsewhere!

FOR THOSE WHO are pro-life, why aren’t you protesting in-vitro fertilization? Thousands and thousands of embryos are discarded each year by fertility clinics. I don’t understand why this is not a concern.

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