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MR. PRESIDENT, in your deficit reduction speech the other day you said that everything is on the table and that you are not wedded to any item of your plan. However, you also stated that taxing the rich is a non-negotiable item, which I believe means it’s not on the table and that you are indeed wedded to it? Where I come from that’s double talk!

A RAVE TO MCG ER. I came in as the result of an injury and received compassionate, skilled and professional care from the doctors and the nurse on duty. Thank you.

A NUMBER OF STATES are talking secession from the Union. Why should we leave? It would be better to kick the Northeast and Left Coast out since they have no clue what America is about anyway. They would be happier being part of Europe. In fact, California’s finances resemble those of Greece.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE Azziz dared to post the following on his blog? I am not making this up: “Fifthly, we continue to carry the costs of those who accepted ‘early’ retirement in 2000, about $17M yearly. Unfortunately, for our bottom line (but fortunately for those retirees) many have had a longer life than expected (so much for the popular thought that retirement is bad for your health!).”

OBAMA WON. Demo­crats won. But did the country win in four more years? Remember who you voted for … when there is nothing left to give. Where will you get your “free” stuff?

THE DICTATOR has arrived.

HOW CAN ANYONE blame Obama for Sandy when more than 50 percent of the population is blaming Bush for our current economy? I think it is time that Obama was made to own up to his problems.

THANK YOU TO the gentleman who brought me a hot chocolate while I was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at Kroger. What a kind heart! Thank you for donating and merry Christmas!

AUGUSTA NEEDS to get over the racial issues and grow up. Not everybody black voted for Mr. Roundtree, and not everybody white voted for Mr. Sanders. Mr. Roundtree is a very humble, compassionate, caring man. He will make an excellent sheriff. We need to support him and get over all our racial issues.



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Rants and raves

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