Historic parsonage on Walker Street free to an owner who will move it

Want a free house? Take the one at 544 Walker St.


The Chinese Consolidated Benev­olent Association of Augus­ta will give the house to anyone who will move it to another location.

The two-story house was built in 1875 as the parsonage for the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, which occupied the building next door. It has an addition in the back, and the second-story sleeping porch has been enclosed.

After the church moved to Greene Street, the association bought the building in 1928 to use as its headquarters.

About three years ago, the association bought the former parsonage and has been working to get a permit to have it demolished.

“Our intention when we bought the house was to have the space for additional parking,” said Ray Russo, the president of the association.

Because of its history and integrity, Historic Augusta Inc. has intervened to save the building.

The house is in poor condition, but it has original features and a history that might appeal to someone willing to restore it, said Robyn Anderson, the preservation services director for Historic Augusta. For example, mill­work on the front porch is unique to Augusta, and the man­tels and moldings are still intact.

“It’s just a really great example of early Augusta architecture,” she said.

If someone were willing to take the building, it could qualify for a Georgia state rehabilitation tax credit of up to 45 percent if it will be used to produce income or a 25 percent credit if it’s to be owner-occupied.

For more information, call Anderson at (706) 724-0436.



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