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BEFORE THE Democrats start talking about “mandates,” “majority of Americans,” “the will of the people,” we need to keep in mind that only 57.5 percent of registered voters voted, and that only 51 percent voted for the current regime. This means that a whopping 29 percent of Americans who could vote agreed to keep the status quo. That is sobering.

SAVE THE A? It turned out to be more like “Cover Your A.”

IN MY OPINION Ann Romney would have portrayed the ultimate “First Lady of the White House.” Ann is beautiful, smart, dignified, respectful, charming and would have represented our country in such an honorable way. America missed out on a “True Lady” and a “Class Act.” What a loss for our country.

VOTING IS OVER. Please respect whoever got elected to office and respect the office that they hold. We have to back our leaders, and our leaders have to back us. So whoever got in office, support them to the fullest.

OBAMA IS NOT going to take my hard-earned money and redistribute it to some lazy low-life. I’ve worked too hard plus saved to make a success of my life. I’ll burn my house down and give all my money to a worthy charity before I get stuck paying higher taxes. Then I can go on welfare and live off the government. On second thought, maybe I should burn the money too because Obama will end up stealing it from the charity. No-win situation!

THE THREE NEW student volunteers at Precinct 44 in North Augusta were helpful, courteous and nice. We were very grateful for their help.

RANT FOR THE parents at Martinez Elementary who drop their children off in the morning and are in such a hurry they need to move the big barrier and go around other parents who are dropping off their children. The big barrier is there for a reason. It is there so our children don’t get run over. So could you please wait your turn?

THE WAY TO END able-bodied poverty is to end taxpayer-sponsored handouts. Don’t work-don’t eat!



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